Pre-Drywall Inspection

Homes are built by humans and humans make mistakes. Homes these days are built by many different contractors, plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, framers, painters. It’s possible one of them could have had an off day, just make sure you don’t end up paying for it later.


A pre-drywall inspection by a qualified inspector that works for you can add another layer of quality control. A qualified inspector can provide a trained set of eyes to check for problems, miscues and mistakes before they get covered up and it’s too late.


Ask your builder to have a pre-drywall inspection by a qualified inspector. Don’t be afraid of offending the builder. A reputable builder should have no problem allowing you to have your own inspection, in fact many welcome it.


Your new home should be built to three standards; the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC), manufacture specifications when applicable, and current workmanship and industry standards.


Your inspector should be trained and qualified to recognize discrepancies between the homes construction and the current building code, manufacture specifications, and current workmanship and industry standards.


Our inspector all have a back ground in residential construction, training in the building codes and are knowledgeable in current workmanship and industry standards.


Your inspection report will include detail pictures of any discrepancies found along with documented references to support the inspector opinion.




PEACH Inspections provides Pre-Drywall and New Construction Inspections in Chester county, Montgomery county, Delaware County, Berks County, Lancaster County, and Bucks county


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