Questions To Ask

QUESTIONS  FOR  YOUR  PEACH  INSPECTOR (Print this out and bring it to your inspection):

ROOF: What is the condition of the roof coverings?  Were any major defects discovered while inspecting the roof?  What is the condition of the chimney?

EXTERIOR:  How is the deck attached to the house?  Are the electric receptacles protected by a GFCI?  Are the downspouts diverting water away from the house?

HEATING/COOLING:  What type of heating system is it?  How does the heating/cooling system operate?  Are there any visible defects?

FOUNDATION/STRUCTURE:  Are there any signs of water penetration?  Are there any visible defects in the structure?

PLUMBING:  What is the source for the hot water in the house?  Are there any active leaks found at any fixtures today?  Have you seen any stains or water marks on ceilings to indicate leaks?

ELECTRICAL:  What is the size of the electrical service to the house? Are the breakers labeled well?  Are there any visible electrical hazards at the panel or wiring?

ATTIC:  Is there any flooring in the attic?  Were any defects discovered while inspecting the attic space?  How thick is the insulation seen from the attic space?


What can I do?   Tell me your concerns, and ask me questions.    Help me check all the windows and doors. 

May I refer you to my friends and family? Yes!

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